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Agile is not just a fashion statement. It is an opportunity to evolve and adapt your processes to your changing needs. We believe that each product / service needs a unique solution, and therefore, first we get to know the history and the current state, find out the key expectations, and only then build the path of development together. Together we will walk this path as comfortably, simply and efficiently as possible.

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About us

We convey deep meanings in simple and understandable words

Simplesense is a partner company in the Agile path of many teams, leaders and organizations! The key principle is to build each path uniquely and individually.

Simplesense team is extremely experienced practitioners who are constantly learning and improving their own skills and competencies, with successful cases in their experience. Depending on the request, a mix of approaches is used: consulting, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, as well as group systems analysis, design thinking, and interactive trainings.


We propose



We observe processes, get to know people and culture, study established connections



We offer training for employees according to the program that suits your company


KICK OFF & Consulting

We form and help to launch processes in the work of updated teams



We act as mentors for leaders and provide the necessary support on request


Success Stories


world's largest restaurant chain

Leadership Team (LT) were looking for a framework for better departments collaboration on strategically important cross-functional initiatives. Simplesense coaches have coached most of employees first about Agile and Scrum foundations, main roles and tools, what is values and principles, main (anti-) patterns and so on ... After that, we helped LT to describe purpose of CFT teams launch and organize election of Product Owners for launching so-called "pilot" CFT teams. (fe: "Hospitality Team", "Scale for Good Team", "Menu Team"). After a few monthes of intensive team coaching and events facilitation, teams have goals, high-level roadmaps agreed with stakeholders, backlogs and working iterative process with clear roles and tools.


Артем Быковец

Agile Coach | Trainer| CEO

Сергей Мальниченко

Agile Coach | Trainer | Ph.D. in Psychology

Татьяна Сенько


Анастасия Быковец



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