Exciting Journey to Agile / Scrum


Everything that you hear, you can apply in your work right after the workshop!
2-day training in which you will receive everything you need to properly understand and apply the theoretical basis of Agile. We will discuss a large number of practical stories and various examples, both from the coach's experience and from world practice.

Coach: Artem Bykovets

About training

The first part of the training will be devoted to a detailed study of Agile values and principles, as well as the most popular flexible frameworks and their components:

  • We will discuss the efficiency and productivity of teams, what factors influence this.

  • Let's talk about how and why Agile originated, why it is so popular and has remained a trend for so long.

  • Let's delve into the issues of iterative planning and principles of organization.

  • We will definitely talk about Lean, garbage classes and how to optimize the value stream, as well as on a simple simulation Artem will show how dangerous multitasking and regular context switching are.

How will we end the first day? This is training about Agile & Scrum, do you remember? We will end the first day with an introduction to the Scrum framework and a mini retrospective (what else to expect from an Agile coach)

The second day, like any self-respecting Agile team, we will start with the Daily Scrum meeting, and only then ...

  • We will very deeply analyze each role and mandatory meeting in Scrum, discuss what options for holding these meetings may be, depending on various factors, and how to get the most out of these meetings in a minimum of time.

  • We will definitely talk about how to explain to teams and leaders the value of basic rituals and the importance of maintaining each role.

  • Through games we will feel the importance of interaction between business and engineering, the importance of reflection, the allocation of time for experiments and the right to make mistakes for the development of the productivity and maturity of the team.

The cost

Exciting Journey

500 USD *

* calculation in hryvnia at the exchange rate on the day of payment

Exciting Journey + Leadership Toolbox

900 USD *

* calculation in hryvnia at the exchange rate on the day of payment


The training will be useful for:


Business owners & executives

Find out how to apply Agile to your company

Managers & leaders

How to work with different tools in Agile and Scrum. How to teach them to your teams.

Proactive team members

If you want to start transformations in your team.

Everyone who looks for insight

Who wants to learn something new and interesting