Professional Retrospectives


A practice supported by theory for those who regularly conduct retrospectives and
➤ wants to improve them
➤ feels that he does not reveal the full potential of this tool
➤ is faced with the attitude of “retrospectives do not work”, and he himself does not see much sense in them
➤ who has to "drive" the team to retrospectives
➤ sees the same topics move from retrospective to retrospective
➤ guesses that in addition to the sprint retrospective, there are others

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With what will you leave after the training?

  • Workbook

    All the most useful information will be reviewed and worked out

  • Ready plan

    You will come out with a plan for the next retrospective

    In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Ideas

    We will share exercise ideas for your retrospectives

➤ What makes a retrospective successful
➤ 5 stages of retrospective
➤ Exercises and activities for different audiences
➤ Types of retrospectives
➤ Features of online retrospectives for distributed teams
➤ Preparing a retrospective plan that you can use in your work
➤ Answers to your questions about retrospectives
➤ Stories and examples from real life
✔ Conduct effective and helpful retrospectives
✔ Choose the format, exercises and activities for the retrospective for the situation and audience
✔ Use a 5-step model when preparing retrospectives
✔ Engage retrospective participants
✔ Distinguish between different stages of taking responsibility
✔ Describe the features of online retrospectives and the tools for conducting them

Training program:

  • 01 /

    Detailed analysis of the retrospective internals

    You will be able to choose the right format, exercises and activities for the retrospective for the situation and audience.

  • 02 /

    5 stages of retrospective

    Learn to use the 5-step model when preparing retrospectives.

  • 03 /

    Exercises and Activities for Different Audiences

    Easily engage retrospective participants and differentiate between the different stages of taking responsibility.

  • 04 /

    Varieties of retrospectives

    We will analyze the options for how to diversify your retrospectives and approaches, how to interest the team for active participation.

  • 05 /

    Preparing a retrospective plan

    Let's write down plans for your next team retrospective.

  • 06 /

    Questions - Answers

    We will answer all your questions about retrospectives


Katerina Sushkova

Coach and trainer, mentor for Scrum Masters and Team Leaders. I believe in teams, kaizen and the potential of people.

Yuri Litvinenko

A coach with a strong technical background. I can explain complex things in a simple way. Teach, help start using, advise.


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